How To Chill Yr Bevvy When You’ve Got Six Beers And Zero Time

Now that the weather is warming up, having a crisp cold one is paramount for knocking off a scorcher of a day. But what if you can’t get your hands on any frosty beers at the shops, and you’ve got no time to chill them?

Quit stressing friend, because here’s a couple of tips to getting your beer ice cold while you’re doing other important things like rustling up snacks or setting up the lounge for a serious Netflix binge.


A surefire way to get your bev of choice cooled down in under half an hour is to wrap the sucker in some paper towel or a cloth, run it under a cold tap, and pop it in the freezer.

Don’t leave that bad boy in there too long, god forbid the bloody thing pops its lid and you’re left with a bit of a mess in the old ice box.


If you’ve got a good amount of salt on-hand and an esky full of ice (or chilly bin, I see all you Kiwis) then you’ve got a simple science experiment and a way to chill your beers quick-smart.

Pop all the ice in the esky, maybe a bit of water to keep things moving, and shovel on a good couple of cups of salt. Give it all a good turning over with a wooden spoon or other kitchen utensil, and chuck your beers in.

The way it works is that the salt forces the ice to melt quicker than it’s used to, so the energy that’s given off is a lot colder than when it melts unassisted. It’s science, just trust me.


Ok this is potentially one that should be done with a bit of caution, but spraying inside a container filled with your beers and wet sponges with an upside-down can of pressurised air, it’ll chill within 30 seconds.

Some folks spray the air straight onto the bottle which we 100% don’t recommend, as glass can crack under the extremely cold air, but opting for a plastic container with a couple of wet sponges will do the trick.

Peep the video below for a couple of these hacks in action, because we’re sure as hell not bluffing.