Chicken Salt Chip Mayo exists, I repeat Chicken Salt Chip Mayo exists.

Chicken salt is a staple in all Australian charcoal chicken shops, because it’s just *chef’s kiss* on hot chips. It’s also probably the closest many Aussies have come to using seasoning. Yes, we all know someone who thinks pepper is spicy and hates coriander.

However, I think we can all collectively agree that chicken salt is a god-like seasoning and definitely not too ‘exotic’ for the average Australian.

For those who dunk their chicken salt covered chips in mayo, this product will cut out the middle man and if you’re lazy (like me) isn’t that what hot chippie dreams are made of?

The new line of Praise mayonnaise was spotted at Woolworths by mummy blogger ‘Oh So Busy Mum’, and since then the internet has been salivating over the new Chicken Salt Chip Mayo product.

“Spotted the NEW range of Praise Mayo and dressing at Woolworths,” said the Oh So Busy Mum blogger.

“I can confirm that the Chicken Salt Chip Mayo is amazing!” she added.

However some people hated it, and to be honest they’re probably the same people who write ‘loves spicy food’ on their dating profile like it’s a personality trait.

“My kids hated the chicken salt one it went in the bin,” said one woman in the comments.

“Ew what is this shit,” another wrote.

Praise have also introduced a bunch of other exciting products like Beetroot Mayo, Chilli Jam Mayo and Smoky BBQ Mayo. There’s also a product called Burger sauce, but upon closer inspection of the ingredients it’s basically just Big Mac sauce minus the lawsuit. We see what you did there, Praise.

The new range of mayos are all half price at Woolworths, so instead of paying $4 per bottle of naise, you can nab one of these guys for $2. Incredible.

You can check out Praise’s new range here.