I Blame Everyone Else For Not Telling Me That Cheesy Garlic Bread Subs Are A Thing

Cheesy Garlic Bread subs

Alright, which one of you Judas-type “forgot” to tell me that Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread subs have been kicking about since the 1st of bloody June? I want names, I want addresses, I want vengeance.

The last time I checked, my phone was on, I had data, I was able to receive calls/texts/DMs – I would’ve even accepted emails in this instance. Emails, you guys, that form of communication solely reserved for work and people who lived through Woodstock.

No hard feelings though, as eventually (no thanks to anyone else) I did stumble upon the news that Subway had brought back their Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread subs, so I have exactly two weeks to make up for my sub-less days by buying them in bulk.

Words can do no justice though, have a gander:

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Heavens to Betsy. That’s a cheesy, garlicky monstrosity in the best sense of the word.

According to insiders (see: my insides), the sub is smothered in garlic butter, three serves of cheese and then whatever you want to cram that sucker with.

I don’t want to tell you how to order your own sub, but might I suggest meatballs, jalapenos, spinach, olives, pickles, carrot, thousand island dressing, chilli sauce and salt and pepper? I used to live off that order when I worked next-door to a Subway and it’s, as much as I decline to call anything this, drool-worthy as hell.

To upgrade your regular, non-cheese garlic bread sub, it’ll cost you a mere $1 for a six-inch, and $2 for a footlong.

If that’s not the easiest decision you’ve ever had to make then I genuinely question your ability to put on a sweater when you feel cold.