A Bunch Of Restaurants Are Doing $1 Schnittys Tomorrow, Time To Shout Lunch For Everyone

If you’re feeling particularly skint just before payday, or you want to treat yourself to a lunch that isn’t leftovers or that sad salad you’ve been neglecting in the fridge, a whole bunch of restaurants across NSW, ACT, and QLD are slinging classic chicken schnittys for $1 a pop on October 30.

[jwplayer brAxGV3K]

At just about every Rashays joint in Australia is putting on a cheap feed tomorrow, which includes their famed chicken schnitzel and chips all drowned in mushroom sauce. The dirt-cheap chicken dinner is an initiative to raise money for Miracle Babies Foundation, who help the families of premature babies through the vital support they need in the early days of life.

Dollar dinner/lunch/snack/double dinner sounds pretty blood beaut to me, and knowing that all the proceeds are going to a good cause makes me feel all the better about wanting to hoof down a crumbed a fried bird tomorrow.

There are a few teeny catches, of course – the schnittys are one per person (I guess so someone doesn’t drop $100 and immediately buy out the whole shop), it’s first in, best fed, and you’ve gotta be dining in. Which is a pretty good excuse to actually take your full lunch break instead of hoovering down leftovers at your desk, actually.

You can cop a Dollar Schnitto at all the Rashays joints across NSW, Queensland, and the ACT, so chuck your hand up to shout lunch tomorrow and take the whole gang down to the local.