Chargrill Charlie’s Is Offering Free Delivery On Its App If You’re Fanging For Chook & Chips
PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Chargrill Charlie's for a full week of free delivery.

Lazy Susans, unite: your week is about to become much less traffic-oriented and a whole lot more couch-based.

The chicken overlord itself, Chargrill Charlie’s, is getting the week off to a flying start by shouting everyone free delivery if you order your chicky & chippy fix through its new app.

Do you know how many pros there are to getting food delivered rather than going to the restaurant in person? Six. There are exactly six pros:

  1. You don’t have to put on pants
  2. You’re saving money (and the planet) by using less fuel
  3. You don’t have to walk past your neighbour who hates you for throwing a three-day bender bash every weekend
  4. You don’t have to pause the gripping documentary about a lad who lost his dog only to realise he didn’t own a dog at all
  5. Did I mention the pants thing?
  6. La Niña is basically a lifestyle now so you won’t get wetter than a wound-up walrus

See? Delivery is the Australian dream.

All you have to do is download and order through the Chargrill Charlie’s app over the next seven days and the generous buggers will shave that delivery fee down to a delightful $0. You also nab special points every time you order through the app, so you can promptly start saving dollarydoos on your next order.

The offer also extends to the two Melbs joints as well as the 17 Sydney stores, so my fellow Melburnians can finally join in on the action.

Chargrill Charlie’s Is Offering Free Delivery On Its App If You’re Fanging For Chook & Chips

I don’t want to tell you what you should order, but for this hot chook, I’ll be gunning for the incomparable schnitzel roll with a side of mac and cheese followed by a side of pad thai and a side of beef burger with a cute side of chicken burger.

If you chuck ‘side’ in front of any order it becomes adorable and totally not excessive in the slightest. Take note.

Hit up the app right now for your free delivery.

T&Cs apply.

Image: Supplied