Canadian Club Is Giving Away 130,000 Serves Of Liquid Gold If You’re Keen On A Few Oprah Tinfreys

canadian club

Let’s not beat around the bush, 2020 has been a flaming pile of garbage. The only thing remotely inspiring us to carry on at this stage is the sweet promise of summer’s arrival. Days spent on the beach, sinking a few bevs in the afternoon and mango juice running down our arms  – the imagery is quite vivid. 

But some of us are ahead of the game. Instead of impatiently watching the calendar days tick by, Canadian Club is bringing the good times forward with its latest announcement, and hoo boy it’s a goodie. In Canadian Club’s biggest shout ever, they’re shouting 130,000 drinks to thirsty heathens across the country from the 22nd October. 

canadian club

There’s 12,000 packs up for grabs with a choice of C.C. Zero or Dry which will be delivered straight to your front door – this truly is a time to be alive. The pack also includes a one-of-a-kind Canadian Club bucket hat – the unofficial uniform of summer 2020. The hat is truly a sight to behold and anyone who straps it to their head is guaranteed to become an instant legend, so you’ll want to get around it. 

But enough teasing, here’s how you can enter. All you gotta do is head here and tell the drinking lords in 25 words or less who you’d share a C.C. with this summer and why. Be serious, be outrageous, be audacious – be whatever the hell you want to be. Given the heaving amount of packs they’re slinging around you’ve got pretty decent odds, and we play to win. 

canadian club

Canadian Club is blessing us with this comp to say cheers to Aussies for being such legends throughout this shitstorm of a year – we’re not crying, you are.

While we’re at it, the good news doesn’t stop there. In December, C.C will be shouting punters a drink at their local with over 55,000 bevvies to claim across national venues. All you have to do is rock up and scan the QR code so stay tuned to find out where you can redeem it.

Honestly, this is the good news we so desperately needed in 2020. After all, it’s hard to feel a sense of existential dread when you’re killing it in a bucket hat and sucking down a cold one (but always drink responsibly, party animals).