Cadbury Is Returning Marble Choccy To Shops Next Week & Maybe 2020 Can Redeem Itself Yet

Here’s a bit of good news for you: Cadbury is putting Marble chocolate back on the shelves this month. Perfect timing, considering we’re all stuck inside for the next however many months, so we’re absolutely going to need something to sweeten the deal.

After Cadbury pulled it from shelves back in 2012, much to the upset of Marble lovers across the country, those decadent and devilishly delicious blocks of swirled milk and white chocolate will show up in shops once again. Keep an eye on your local choccy aisle, because those blocks are apparently dropping on Friday, April 17.

That’s just enough time from the long, chocolatey weekend for you to get just enough of a sweet tooth appetite to go back for more chocolate.

The return of the Mighty Marble Choc was announced back in February, after Cadbury finally bowed to the demands of the people (and mostly an extremely vocal Facebook group), signifying a win for Marble fans nationwide. A win for the little guy, who just wants their favourite treat back please.

The 2020 return of Marble chocolate is a small, yet delicious win for this year. A year that is pretty much cancelled in every other respect, at least we’ll be able to scoff down some marbled yums while we’re working on our butt grooves on the couch. It’s got that swirly shell, encasing a delicious centre of praline hazelnut. I know I’m already knee-deep in easter eggs but my GOD do I want a block of that choccy right now.

Keep your eyes peeled next week when you do your shop at your local supermarket, and drop one of these bad boys in with your regular shop. They’ll set you back a tight $5, which you’ve probably definitely saved from not having a social life anymore. They’re only here for a little while for now, so try not to panic buy and hoard them.