The arrival of the Easter Bunny is nearly upon us. However, the internet is claiming that our chocolate-delivering friend’s main supplier Cadbury has begun to taste a little … different?

In the depths of the r/Australia subreddit where all this country’s best and worst ideas are shared, one user used the timing of the Easter break to raise their concern about a critical issue concerning Australian culture.

Is it just me or do Cadbury Easter eggs taste different this year? and not in a good way from australia

“Is it just me or do Cadbury Easter eggs taste different this year? and not in a good way,” Redditor sam-dan asked.

Ya gotta hand it to this sam-dan character. Their question was very diplomatically posed.

However, for those among us who like their questions posed a little more crudely — the question more or less boils down to “are Easter eggs getting shitter?”

Now before we go any further — I’m not saying Cadbury has altered its recipes or anything mischievous like that.

However, folks on this Reddit thread seemed to have some incredibly strong opinions on the subject.

The “snap-ability” of Cadbury chocolate appears to have wavered in recent decades in the eyes of the nation.

By “nation” I mean Reddit. Clearly.

“It’s never a clean snap anymore, more like an oily, rough ‘rip’. I don’t likey,” wrote one user.

“You’re dead right about the lack of the ‘snap’ these days,” agreed another.

Poetry in motion.

The investigation continued with speculation about the ratio of veggie oil and cocoa.

“They’ve been slowly increasing the amount of vegetable oil in the chocolate,” wrote one aspiring Masterchef judge.

“More oil, more sugar, less chocolate,” asserted another.

Last but not least we (unsurprisingly) had some chaotic comments posted to the thread.

This was complemented by some hypothesising about whether COVID side effects had a part to play in experiencing Cadbury choccies differently.

To wrap up, the taste of Cadbury is obviously a subjective experience.

With Easter chocolate especially, it’s hard to gauge over time whether my taste buds are naturally maturing or the recipe is changing.

This is purely because (at least in my case) I was a wee child with dumbass taste buds when I first began eating Easter choccies.

The question of “snap-ability” might be a different case though.

I’m sure most Aussies will agree, the structural integrity of Easter chocolate is incredibly important. Flimsy chocolate can get the fk outta here.

But at the end of the day, folks are entitled to their own opinion on Cadbury. The r/Australia subreddit will make DAMN sure of that.

Image: Youtube Peppa Pig - Official Channel