If you feel like your at-home movie nights have been missing the best part about the cinema experience – which is obviously buying and scoffing Choc Tops before the end of the previews – then I’m very happy to inform you that you can absolutely buy them to take home now. Yep, those ice creams which somehow taste perfect every single time are now in the freezer section at your local shops, but only for a minute.

When cinemas had to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing, ice-cream legends Bulla suddenly had an overflow of the iconic movie treat, so they’ve now popped up in Coles so we can all get our fix while we’re having to watch our favourite flicks at home.

Considering the Bulla Choc Tops are normally only sold at cinemas, the fact they’re now in the frozen treat section of your local Coles is bloody huge. A gamechanger. A temporary moment in time that may not ever happen again – at least not until someone makes a very vocal Facebook group and Bulla then have to bow to the demands of the people. There’s truly no justice like Angry Online Mob justice.


All the faves from the Bulla Creamy Classics are there; from the tried and true vanilla through to the indulgent (and my personal fave) salted caramel. Different states also have different offerings, with Mint, Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream found in NSW, Tassie and Victoria, and QLD, South Aus and Western Australia being treated to the Boysenberry, Choc Fudge, Mint and Vanilla flavs.

The almighty Choc Tops are without a doubt the only cinema snack that I will drop a bit on myself, resulting in a chocolate stain, but I simply do not care. There’s no capacity to give a shit about that when you’re hoovering down the best movie snack around.

So if you’re planning an at-home movie marathon anytime soon, definitely nip down the shops and fill up on the good shit: popcorn, Malteasers to go in the popcorn, and like four different Choc Tops for $10. You’re welcome.

Image: Facebook / Bulla