This Aussie Hot Sauce-Infused Vodka Is Perf If Bloody Marys Just Aren’t Spicy Enough For You

Whack on your best flame-print bowling shirt and a pair of speed dealers because we’re heading straight to flavourtown with this new, hot-sauce-infused vodka.

It’s called – and we shit you not – ‘Shit the Bed’ Vodka, after the hot sauce of the same name. Both are the inventions of Perth-based Spice Queen Renae Bunster.

While the trend of making random things spicy seems a bit tired, I must say that as someone who has consumed way too many Bloody Marys over the past few days, this combo is more than just a gimmick.

“When I was stuck at home with my kids during the COVID-19 lockdowns in Perth I was having the odd Bloody Mary. Well OK I had more than a few,” Bunster explained. (Same, tbh)

“The vodka got me thinking, ‘how can I make these drinks faster?’ – Boom, Shit the Bed infused vodka was born!”

Bunster might just be onto something. Hot sauce is the perfect addition to Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce, while vodka, well, goes with anything you want it to.

The experts themselves (Americans) seem to agree. Bunster’s is regularly the #1 selling hot sauce on Amazon over there, and it’s also been featured on Hot Ones, that YouTube series where celebs open up while burning their tongues on wings and hot sauce.

Somewhere in the world right now, both Guy Fieri and Beyoncé are each weeping a single, synchronised tear of joy. It’s a good day for lovers of the sauce, indeed.

‘Shit the Bed’ Vodka is available for pre-order for $70 a pop. Deliveries are expected for September-October.

Better start prepping those bed sheets.