Forget Married At First Sight, Love Island, and The Bachelor, the ultimate hookup of the summer is in the freezer section; Bundy Rum ice cream. Yep, the golden nectar of the gods, the champagne from the sugarcanes, has married itself to the creamy frozen treat right in front of your summer sesh.

Sadly no, it’s not some unhinged Bundy and Cola creation – I meant I’m not a huge fan of a Coke spider so the thought of cream and cola grosses me out anyway – instead, Bundaberg Rum has teamed up with Harry’s ice cream to produce some flavours that you could probably actually get out in front of your parents.

The Pineapple Coconut Rum ice cream sounds very ~tropical~ and like something your mum and aunty would knock back on their annual cruise over to Fiji. Meanwhile the Rum & Raisin flavour, well, it’s rum & raisin, it’s the most Dad flavour known to mankind.

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A post shared by Harry’s Ice Cream Co. (@harrysicecream) on Jan 24, 2020 at 4:05pm PST

The little pots of nectar popped up in late January, but this is the first I’m bloody hearing of it. Way to keep this one up your sleeve, QUEENSLAND.

Unfortunately, the little freezie treats aren’t boozy at all – which is fair enough because it would be very illegal to sell them in shops – but I’m sure you can probably fashion some kind of boozy thickshake with these. Or maybe just tip a shot of the good golden syrup over a bowl of the ice cream. The sky’s the limit and the world is your rum-soaked oyster here, my friend.

Now here’s the kicker, and I really hate to break your heart like this, but the Bundy Rum ice cream is only found in IGA shops in Queensland.

Yep, this is exactly a repeat of that Bundaberg Rum iced coffee moment. I’m not sure if we need to have a discussion with the entire state of Queensland about the importance of sharing, but I know I’m trying to think of friends who live near the border that can drop into the nearest IGA in QLD and get me a tub.

Image: Instagram / @harrysicecream