Guess what binches, this coming Monday is World Nutella Day.

Yes, we have days to celebrate inanimate products because our consumerist society is a hellish, unrelenting beast to which we all must submit. But also fuck it, Nutella is delicious.

To celebrate, Brunetti Café in Melbourne is giving away a whopping 1,000 Nutella-based treaties to early bird sweeties.

The chain’s Flinders Lane location will be handing out custom, Nutella-doused Italian classics to the first 1,000 customers through the door on the day.

We’re talking pancakes, Italian doughnuts, croissants, piadinas and crispy, cream-filled cannoli all with generous lashings of the good Nut.

The freebies will kick off at 7:30am sharp at 250 Flinders Ln, Melbourne.

Image: Supplied