BP & David Jones Are Launching Bougie Servos That Serve Sushi & Hot Chooks

The days where you go to the service station to fill up the car with petrol and maybe grab an ice cream for the drive home are apparently limited, because BP and David Jones have joined forces to bring some of the iconic DJs Food Hall treats to your local. We’re going full bougie servo here, people.

[jwplayer WHUgnOG6]

As per the AFR, ten stores across Sydney and Melbourne will transform into mini versions of the iconic DJs Food Hall over the next six months, bringing with it around 350 treats from the inner-city grub spots.

It’s looking like the first store to get the fancy-ass makeover is at Melbourne Bayside Gateway BP over in East Brighton, ya lucky buggers.

Things like sushi and hot roast chook – which immediately adopt severe chaotic energy as soon as they’re sold out of a servo – and more understandable things like sandwiches and salads, as well as long-life groceries and pre-packed meals.

I would very much like to know if David Jones is going to bring its famed chocolate-dipped fruit to servos, because I could absolutely smash a dark choccy-dipped strawberry on a road trip. Imagine tucking into one of those after a meat pie and/or pastie? Hell yeah, mates. That’s what I want.

What else could they even bring over from the DJs Food Halls – cheese and antipasto bar? Noodle bar? Oyster Bar? Hmm maybe scratch that last one. ‘Servo oyster’ is an incredibly cursed phrase.

Though the DJs X BP bougie servo is launching in ten stores across NSW and VIC, the new partnership is hoping to expand to more stores, so I would like to formally put forward BP Milton (NSW) for a slick bougie rebrand – my Dad would love that.