If your new years resolution was to lose weight or eat healthier, look away now because I have recently discovered this wonderful invention known as the bolognese basket and I’m losing my fucking mind.

This comfort food extravaganza is the reason I’m about to send myself into a carb-induced coma and I’m not even the slightest bit sorry about it.

The recipe, posted on the Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips Facebook, basically does what it says on the tin. It’s a basket made of garlic bread, filled with bolognese.

Basically, you just need to chuck some extra-buttered garlic bread in a slow cooker, making the vague shape of a basket. Then it’s as simple as adding your bolognese ingredients (tinned tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, garlic, more garlic and browned mince), a shit-load of cheese and letting that bad boy cook for a few hours.

Simple, yet effective.

And the beauty of it all? It’s a slow cooker recipe so you literally don’t even need to know how to cook.

Imagine the look on your mum’s face when you send her this week’s token “look Mum, I made something that isn’t two minute noodles because I’m pretending to be an adult” text.

Not to mention, you can whip this up next time you’re hosting a Bachie or Survivor night and convince your friends that you slaved away in the kitchen all day when you really just emptied an entire jar of minced garlic into your slow cooker and pressed ‘on’.

The post has amassed over 250 comments and nearly 50 shares in less than 12 hours, likely from people furiously smashing the share button to save it for later.

Like most of us, I live for a good Martha Stewart housewife moment, but sometimes you’re not in the mood for a ‘gram worthy poke bowl and you just need to drown your shitty Mondayitis in a giant basket of bolognese. It’s called self care, look it up.

I dare you to name a single problem that can’t be solved with the words “bolognese basket.” It’s made of garlic bread. It simply does not get better than that, I’m sorry.