I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but I have an announcement. You might want to sit down for this… The dip kings at Black Swan have officially discontinued their god-tier Persian Style Fetta Dip and honestly, I’m not okay.

After discovering that the delicious dip is currently unavailable at my local Woolies and on the Woolworths website, I thought I’d do some sleuthing (fully expecting it to be a shortage, or just Woolies deciding not to stock it anymore). But unfortunately, I have discovered something much more grim on the Black Swan Facebook page.

Just last month, a certified dip-head named Joel asked the question on the tip of all of our tongues: what happened to the Persian Style Fetta Dip?!

“Hello makers of the amazing Persian Fetta Dip Can I ask why you seem to have discontinued the Persian Fetta Dip you used to sell. That stuff was more addictive than crack cocaine and was often sold out at my local Coles. Please, please, please bring it back or tell me that it is still a line you are producing,” he asked.

Unfortunately, Black Swan replied, informing Joel (and the rest of us) that the beloved dip has been discontinued.

“Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately our Persian Style Fetta dip has been discontinued. 🙁 We will let the team know you’d like to see it make a comeback. In the meantime, you might like to try our Baby Spinach and Fetta dip,” a Black Swan customer service representative wrote.

It’s gone. Dead. May it rest in peace.

You may not be able to get your hands on the Black Swan stuff, but after a quick look at the ingredients list, you could probably make a pretty similar dip at home. I mean, you’ve probably got the spare time to perfect it in isolation. The ingredients are as follows:

Cream Cheese, Vegetable Oil, Fetta Cheese 20%, Vinegar, Lemon Juice 4%, Garlic, Salt, Herbs (including Rosemary 1%), Spices, Flavour, Preservatives (202, 211).

Sure, you might have to go full Claire Saffitz a-la Gourmet Makes and work out the herbs and spices through a process of elimination, but I believe in you. There aren’t *that* many spices.

you mastering the art of the at-home Persian Style Fetta Dip

you mastering the art of the at-home Persian Style Fetta Dip

Black Swan, if you’re reading this, do us all a favour and bring back the dip. It’s been a long year and we’ve already tried everything from brewing our own beer to making our own ricotta, we simply want to go to our local grocery store, buy a tub of dip and eat it with a spoon. Is that too much to ask? I really don’t think so.

You know what to do.