Plant-based babies, rejoice: that hyper-realistic beef substitute burger you’ve heard so much about has hit supermarket shelves, and you can sink your vegan or vegetarian teeth into one right bloody now.

Or, right not-so-bloody now. You know, considering the plant-based thing.

Beyond Meat, the American firm touted as one of the forerunners in the race to formulate meat substitutes truly indistinguishable from the real thing, is now offering The Beyond Burger in select IGA stores in NSW, Victoria, and WA, and at Coles in NSW alone.

The 100% vegan patties are said to cook, taste, and ‘bleed’ like actual beef, without the mess, hassle, or moral quandaries associated with actually killing and dismembering a lumbering beast. How convenient!

Strictly speaking, it’s not Beyond Meat’s debut in the Australian market. Fast-food chain Lord Of The Fries, which has long been at the forefront of burgs and associated products aimed squarely at vegans and vegetarians, introduced The Beyond Burger into its menu earlier this year.

Meat alternatives on Aussie supermarket shelves are not a new thing; Asian groceries around the nation have long stocked all manner of gluten and soy-based alternatives, while brands like Sanitarium and Quorn have been chiller mainstays for years.

However, Beyond Meat and competitor Impossible Foods have been recognised by hungry folks as potentially the most realistic plant-based simulations of meat yet brought to the table.

With Woolies being hailed for stocking vegan mince in the meat section, it seems like a pretty tasty time for Aussies who choose not to chow down on animals.

Image: Beyond Meat / Instagram