We all know the best way to get someone to deeply think about something is to do it with food. As the saying goes, the best way to a person’s thinky-spot is through their gob.

Ben & Jerry’s have jumped on this very real science to put it to Australia‘s politicians about the way they think about climate change and renewable energy.

The dessert giants have sent out personalised tubs of the new, limited edition  Gimme S’more Renewables ice cream – featuring delish marshmallow ice cream, chocolate cookies, graham cracker swirls, and fudge flakes – sweetening up the idea that hey, maybe those at the top end of town should be maybe thinking about how wow there’s bushfires in winter now, and gee I wonder what’s causing that? Or how it’s just so weird that the sea ice of the coast of Greenland is cracking for the first time in recorded history?

Not only is the ice cream company (and collective of known activists) pushing for pollies to think about climate change and what they can do with their genuine power and influence, but Ben & Jerry’s are also using their delicious ways to lobby for an immediate end to new fossil fuel companies and ventures. Legit, they’ve been campaigning for climate action globally since 2002 so they know what they’re talking about.

Fans of the delicious scoops can also petition for their local members of parliament on renewables, climate change, and fossil fuels by picking up their own tub of Gimme S’more Renewables and sending ’em a little postcard via their local Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop on #RiseForClimate, a climate change action day on September 8th.

Not ones to be all bark and no bite, the company has also committed to being carbon positive by 2030, including using only renewables by this time, sourcing renewable electricity and eliminating coal-based electricity by 2020.

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Image: Twitter / @350Australia