Arnott’s Is Doing Sachets Of Shapes Flavouring ’Cos They Know We Hoover The Bottom Of The Bag

arnott's shapes flavour shaker sachets

Good news for everyone who’s deeply guilty of licking all the flavour off of a packet of Shapes and then also licking the flavouring off the foil bag too: you can now get sachets of the stuff. No shape, all flav. This is absolutely not a joke or a gee-up.

Apparently, Arnott’s crunched the numbers and found out that around 49% of people who love to munch down on a box of Shapes also tend to get right in there with their fingers and scoop out all the flavouring build-up at the bottom of the bag, too.

Don’t sit there and tell me you haven’t done it before. I’ve done it, you’ve done it. We’ve all hoovered up the crumbly little bits of yum after finishing a box of Shapes.

So knowing what they know, Arnott’s decided to give us grubby gremlins what we deserve: little packets of just the flavouring so we can put it on whatever we want.

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The bickie kings went for the elite flavour first for these new little sachets: Barbecue.

A limited run of 2,500 flavour sachets was up for grabs — which have sadly all been snapped up. Everyone was simply too bloody keen to get their hands on a packet of BBQ Shapes seasoning to put it on everything from hot chippies to roast veggies to meat slapped on the barbie. God damn.

There’s a silver lining, however. Because the little flavour shakers went like hotcakes, Arnott’s has already got the wheels in motion for another drop of a different Shapes flavour, which you can keep an eye on over on the Arnott’s website.

You can bet your sweet ass I’m crossing my fingers and toes for Chicken Crimpy or the OG Pizza flavour to come next. I simply must have Pizza Shapes flavoured chippies in my life tout suite.