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We love a theme. So when it came to choosing what to volley down our gobs while watching the tennis, it was always going to be ball-shaped food, wasn’t it? When we decided to take on the truly awful task of testing the best ball-shaped foods to eat while watching the games, we treated it with the care and attention to detail it deserved.

So, if you’re just here to get some food inspo for exactly what you should have delivered before watching the tennis today, just keep on scrolling. And if you’re still unsatisfied when you’re done here, head to the @Ubereats_aus Instagram page for even more (you might even win some free food).


Doughnuts are an ideal choice for sitting on the couch, mainly because they’re spill-proof, can be the whole meal or the after-meal treat, and they’re just delicious. We suggest you order yourself a box of doughnuts earlier in the day, so they’re there for you the moment you need them. (TBH, tonight I’ll be eating a 12-pack to myself)


When you think of foods that take inspiration from tennis balls, there are none more accurate than a meatball. Soaked in a juicy, fresh pasta sauce and ideally with a mountain of spaghetti, meatballs are a messy, but unrivalled choice when ordering dinner in as you’re settling in for a night on the couch.

Arancini Balls

While you’re ordering your meatballs, we strongly recommend you order up arancini balls for a starter to stay on-theme. The crusted risotto balls are basically little, cheesy parcels of joy and, truly, it’s a no brainer.


Anyone who says bagels are breakfast food and breakfast food only is mistaken (and should be struck off your friend list immediately). The beauty of a bagel is that you can keep a stash in the freezer and make like Sandy Cohen by schmearing liberally with some Philly when the craving hits, or order them fresh and stacked with your favourite toppings.

Baked Potato

If you’ve never ordered a baked potato from a kebab shop, I urge you to rectify the situation immediately. Sure, you could make it at home, but you know it’ll be a million times better once you pile a massive baked potato high with kebab meats, cheese, and a combination of sauces.


Specifically, BBQ pork buns (for the full ball-shaped food theme), but really what we want you to do is order a smörgåsbord of dumplings and pork buns that you can shove down your gob while yelling at Dylan Acott to bring home The Open.


We’re taking some creative license with the “ball-shaped food” brief here, but pizza is round and it’s also arguably the best-suited meal to go with an intense sport-watching sesh. If you’re really committed to the them though, can we suggest you order pizza pockets instead? Those cheeky little guys will be easier to eat while lazing back on the couch anyway.

Image: Wayne's World