If you know me, Courtney, then you’ll know that I love eggs. They’re great in any form; poached, fried, soft-boiled with soldiers, scrambled, whipped, whatever. Finding out that somewhere out there in the country is the newly-crowned Best Egg Dish of Australia delights me – hell, it eggcites me.

The 2019 Eggcellence Awards held by Australian Eggs (of course, who else) has awarded a bakery in Western Sydney with the title of Best Egg Dish today, the sacred day–World Egg Day.

Personally I think we should all have a public holiday for this very special day, but whatever it’s fine.

Yum Yum Bakery in Sydney’s Guildford has picked up the coveted title for 2019 with its Awarma and egg pizza, which was voted by the public as the best googy grub out of all of the finalists.

A warm flatbread baked with lamb confit a big runny egg on top, and then dusted with a light sprinkle of zataar won Yum Yum Bakery the choccies for this year, and even just looking at that pic above makes me all fuzzy and warm inside.

It looks like the perfect Sunday breakfast when you’re hungover in bed and you just want to stay soft and small and warm. I wish to hoover this up immediately.

Najib Haddad from Yum Yum Bakery said that the dish is his homage to the generations of his family before and after him, scrambling together his father’s home in Lebanon where they’d preserve lamb for over the winter months, and the weekend breakfasts that his daughters nag him for – goopy, sunny-side-up eggs.

“People often overlook the humble egg,” he said.

“But in my dish it’s the egg which really elevates the recipe to make it something unexpected and special.”

The award-winning pizzy goes for $12 fresh out of the oven, so it’s probably worth a road trip to get your lips around one of them now before there’s a line halfway up the street.

Take a moment to enjoy the bakery’s compilation of favourite thing about eggs: popping the yolk.

Image: Toby Peet