It’s been six long years since McDonald’s blessed us with the McRib – the not-really-ribs pork burger that has a cult following in the US, and has not been seen in Aussie stores since 2012. Christmas has officially come early, folks.

The illusive burgie is back on the menu for a very short time, in all it’s pickle-and-onion-stuffed, smoky-BBQ-rib-sauce-glazed glory. Even though its flavour is but a distant memory to my tastebuds, just thinking about it is making my mouth water. I feel like Homer Simpson in that episode where he gets addicted to the Ribwich at Krusty Burger.

Sweet Mother Of God, Maccas Is Bringing Back The McRib For Summer
Literally me upon entering Maccas this weekend.

I mean, FINALLY, right? The US gets the bloody burg for a limited time EVERY YEAR and we have to wait semi-patiently for almost a decade before we can ruin our clothes with that iconic smoky sauce. Please, just give us the burgie now thanks. It’s been long enough.

The burgie has got such a cult following that it’s had multiple farewell tours since its inception in 1981, and people get really bloody het up when it disappears from menus again.

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Maccas is also bringing a couple of new items to the menu for summer as well. A mctwist on the McFeast is happening – think that classic McFeast with its cheese/tomato/lettuce/pickles/triple sauces but with a crispy chicken fillet instead of a beef pattie.

There’s also BBQ Loaded Fries popping up on the menu as well, which are the classic Maccas chippies covered in caramelised onion, aioli, and BBQ sauce which would go really bloody well with the McRib, if you ask me.

The new summery items can be ordered right fkn now, so there’s your lunch today, dinner tomorrow, late-night snack on Friday, and hungover lunch on Saturday sorted.

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