Sad news for fans of the weirdly idiosyncratic buildings left in the fearsome wake of Pizza Hut, the building that once housed Australia‘s first ever Pizza Hut has been reduced to rubble to make way for housing.

As Good Food is gravely reporting, the site is soon to be replaced by a block of 61 apartments.

The Belfield restaurant enjoyed a rich and hearty life as an eat-in Pizza Hut from 1970 all the way through until 1999, after which the space held the Charcoal BBQ House and the Seoul Hoikwan Restaurant, according to The Brag.

The building was vacated by Seoul Hoikwan Restaurant in May of last year, and at least one fan (who has named themselves on Twitter after an incredibly terrible straight-to-video martial arts movie) petitioned Pizza Hut to move back into the space, but to no avail:

RIP in peace.