In a quest to try and see just how authentic its new meatball pie was, WA’s Jesters pie chain applied to get the encrusted dish blessed by the Pope himself and, well, he bloody did it.

I’m still not too sure how or why this even happened, but hey it means that Australia now apparently has the only meat pie blessed by Pope Francis himself.

The limited-edition Meatballius Maximus features two Italian meatballs with traditional napolitana sauce, garlic, basil, mornay sauce and tasty
melted cheese, and was recently blessed by the Pope through what’s known as a ‘papal’ or ‘apostolic’ blessing.

Q: Did Jesters really get a pie blessed by the Pope?A: Yes we did.Come on in and try the pie that's so authentically Italian, even the Pope was impressed ???? #blessedpie

Posted by Jesters Australia on Sunday, 1 September 2019

Does he bless everything that applies for an apostolic blessing? What the fuck, how does this work? Can I get my old EC Doll from Lift Off! blessed??

After a bit of reading on my favourite trusted source, it looks like these papal blessings are not super common, maybe? Bishops can only give these blessings three (3) times a year, and preists are allowed to give apostolic blessings “to the dying.”

I’m pretty sure the pie isn’t on its deathbed (at least not until it meets me lol) so what the fuck else can you get blessed by the Pope? Does he just go around giving blessing certificates to whoever slips him 20 Euros?

Though the certificate says “on the occasion of his birthday” so I have a slight hunch that ol’ Popey didn’t realise that he was blessing a fucken meat pie and not a human person named ‘Meatballius Maximus’.

Anyway, the legitimately Blessed Pies™ that have been given the holy double thumbs-up by the Pope are at Jesters Pies over in Western Australia now, so don’t you dare say that the east coast gets everything.

It certainly doesn’t have a Pope-approved pie literally two days before the AFL finals kicks off, that’s for sure.

I’m assured the blessing is non-transferrable if you eat said pie, so there’s no point in sending some to the West Coast Eagles before the game on Thursday. Sorry ’bout it.

Image: Supplied