A Whopping New Study Has Revealed Australia’s Favourite Foods & God, We Are So Fkn Predictable

A new study of over 1,000 Aussies who cook on a regular basis has given us the clearest idea yet of just how predictable our tastebuds are. Despite the realisation that none of us are really unique, there’s definitely something to celebrate here: acknowledging that no matter our differences, we’re all bonkers for the same grub.

Conducted by YouGov, HelloFresh’s Taste of the Nation 2023 report gives a snapshot of the nation’s eating habits in bite-size (sorry) statistical portions.

In particular, one of the factoids that caught my eye was the list of Australia’s favourite dishes.

Sitting at the top of the (food) pyramid was the classic dish of fish & chips with 56 per cent of respondents saying they frothed it over everything else.

In a tie for second place was a roast alongside the classic Aussie BBQ with 55 per cent  of those surveyed being fans of either dish.

Nipping at their heels were pasta at 54 per cent, pizza at 52 per cent and stir-fries at 45 per cent.

Honestly, I expected pizza to be a lot higher on this list.

Maybe that’s because I have the tastebuds of a four-year-old and I assume everyone wants to continue eating the same takeaway they had at that age too. Who’s to say?

As for favourite cuisines, there was a solid variety on offer.

Italian chalked up the numero uno spot with 50 per cent saying it was their best-loved. Chinese nabbed second place with 36 per cent. Mexican at 32 per cent and Indian at 30 per cent.

Then we had two absolute wildcards in America at 22 per cent (is grease a cuisine?) and British at 26 per cent (is stale bread a cuisine?).

Finally, 16 per cent of Aussies surveyed identified as “flexitarians” and a whopping 68 per cent said their diet choices were in some way impacted by the environment. We love an ethical eater!

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