A Couple Of Aussie Hamburglars Duped A Macca’s Self-Serve Kiosk To Give ‘Em Free Burgs

One of the latest things to go viral online this year is the tale of two Aussie blokes and their vegetarian friend (who I’m not sure actually exists as a person) finding an almighty Macca’s loophole in the company’s self-service ordering system. The result? Eleven burgers for free. A real modern-day Hamburglar heist, here.

[jwplayer O4jDqEMi]

The pair posted a video of themselves at a self-serve screen to YouTube this week, with a very clever pseudonym of “Hamburglar Borne“. The video of the perfect crime is now sitting on around 1.3million views.

The video details the two wily mates punching in an order for ten hamburgers, and then customising them to remove all the meat patties. It’s for their very hungry vego friend, Harry. Don’t ask.

However, taking off the meat pattie shaves $1.10 off the whole order.

They then go on to order a single hammy-b.

Because hamburgers are normally $2.30 and the discount to $1 per hamb burg is applied just before you pay for them, the discount along with the customising of the burgs drops everything down to nothing. I think. Look, I don’t know I haven’t studied math since 2008, ok?

THE MAIN THING IS, these ratbags somehow managed to find a loophole at Macca’s. A loophole that’s filled with an incredible amount of free burgers. All you’d have to do is buy like, a large chips, and you’ve got yourself a whole feast of chip butties, my friends.

Check out the video below and probably don’t bother trying it out, I assume that Maccas have wisened to the new Hamburglar ways and fixed up this burgie bug.