‘Queer Eye’ Snacc Antoni Porowski Launches Quarantined-Themed Cooking Classes On Instagram

You’ve meditated with Lizzo and started FaceTime pilates classes as prescribed by Phoebe Tonkin, and now you can learn to cook via Queer Eye food dude Antoni Porowski’s Instagram.

The fabulous foodie took to Insta to announce that he’ll be sharing cooking classes on IGTV called Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine.

“It dawned on me that I think a lot of people in the country—in the world—are actually going through this right now, where they go to the store and they can’t find what they want,” Porowski says at the beginning of the first episode, which has already garnered millions of views.

“But we’re stuck at home, so we might as well be able to prepare good food that’s good for us and makes us feel good.”

Episode one is called The Keep Calm-ette, which is an omelette recipe, served with black bean salsa.

The second ep is called Zoodles with Meat S.O.S which pretty much speaks for itself.

Head on over to his Insta to learn how to cook yourself some Fab 5-approved dishes while in quarantine.