Can you hear that sound? It’s the sound of the snack angels tooting their trumpets in triumph, because Allen’s have announced they’re releasing Rolo Bites i.e. tiny little bundles of caramel-and-chocolate joy.

2022 is saved, it’s official.

If you’ve never had a Rolo before (shameful!) they’re a gooey caramel treat nestled gently in a delicious milk chocolate cup.

As well as Rolo Bites — which I will be hoarding as if they’re as precious as RATs — Allen’s is also adding some other fun flavours to the Bites range.

If you like your chocolate with a little bit of fruit, you can now score Mini Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bites and Chocolate Coconut Rough Bites. So, there’s fun times ahead no matter your sweet-treat persuasion.

According to Allen’s, the Coconut Rough Bites features roast coconut pieces in “irresistibly smooth milk chocolate” while the Chocolate Raspberry Bites are raspberry lollies covered in “decadent” dark chocolate. Oops, I’m salivating already.

Allen’s Is Releasing Rolo Bites & I Need That Gooey Caramel Goodness On My Tongue Right Now
The Allen’s Bites Mini Dark Chocolate Raspberries and Allen’s Bites Chocolate Coconut Rough.

The delightful little chocolatey fellows will be available nationwide this week in your fave supermarkets, and will set you back $4.50.

In my humble opinion, a Rolo Bite sounds like the ideal cinema snack: more exciting than your average chocolate bar, less likely than popcorn to leave you needing to scull a litre of frozen cola to rehydrate, and surely not as noisy to chew on as chips.

Nestlé’s head of confectionary marketing Joyce Tan said Allen’s was “thrilled” to be releasing the new flavours.

“Whether you’re entertaining friends, going to the movies, or having a night in, it’s sure to be love at first bite!”

I see what you did there, Joyce. Now to run to Woolies and buy 17 bags of Rolo Bites.

Image: Nestlé