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If you’ve always wanted to have a red hot go at a Thermomix but simply refused to take out a small loan to buy one, you’re gunna be heaps stoked about ALDI’s Special Buy hitting that sacred middle aisle in September.

The Mistral Ultimate Kitchen Machine is hitting the supermarket shelves on September 7 as part of that week’s special buys, and it’s legit a sliver of the price of a full Thermomix.

Where a new grade Thermomix will probably set you back around $3k and the soul of your firstborn, the ALDI dupe is clocking in at $299. Literally a tenth of the price, and you get to keep all your precious gems/trinkets/small humans.

If you’ve got a keen eye you’ll know that the Mistral Thermo Cooker has been on shelves in Big W and the like before, but with the added level of hype that ALDI’s special buys brings, these are probably going to walk themselves out the door.

The Mistral Ultimate Kitchen Machine is an eight-in-one cooker that includes a steamer, rice cooker, blender, grinder, chopper, mincer, mixer, bread maker and an ice crusher.

The only things that seem to be missing are a sous-vide option (who would even), more than two blades, and an in-built scale. But you can totally pop a kitchen scale on the top there if you really need to.

The Mistral still has the ability to multi-task too, so you can do things like boil rice while steaming veggies, so you can do the ol’ set-and-forget.

I’m assuming there will probably be a bunch of people lining up for this one so I’d highly suggest you get up bright and early on Saturday, September 7. Cop your morning coffee and then go spend some of your tax return on a sweet kitchen treat.

Image: The Katering Show