We might be past the winter solstice but the chill is still definitely sticking around, which means it’s still perfect weather for comfort eating. And I’ll be damned if one of the best comfort foods out there isn’t cheese – especially molten, gooey cheese that you dip other delicious treats into. It’s definitely fondue season, and those ratbags at ALDI have just unleashed a very bloody cheap cheese for us to melt down and scoff at home.

The Normande Cheese Fondue is a new fancy fromage, popping up in fridge sections at stores right across Australia. Made from a selection of considered cheeses from Normandy – including Camembert, Pont l’Eveque, and Livarot – it transforms into a little pot of goopy yum after a couple of minutes in the microwave.

Though I’m sure if you’ve managed to salvage your family’s old fondue kit from the 70s, you could probably chuck it in there for the full experience. Fuck it, throw down the shag rug, plug in a lava lamp, chuck some stretchy flares on and lean right in.

It might not be in the sacred Special Buys aisle of your local, but it’s certainly a special little treat, I reckon.

Normally the fondue pots from will set you back $6.99 at ALDI, but from July 30 (that’s today, if time has escaped you) you can nab a little melty arvo treat for $4.99.

Chuck some bread, charcuterie meats, harder cheese (!!!) and a bottle of plonk into your basket and you’re pretty set for the afternoon, to be perfectly honest. Cheese dipped in a hotter cheese goo? Now that’s living.

It’s cold, windy, and you can’t really leave the house much anyway so may as well lean in and just indulge yourself in a bit of legitimately cheesy self care. You’ve absolutely earned it, my good bitch.

Image: donstock / Aardman