It seems like the humble air fryer has been one of the best investments for adventurous home cooks wanting during this age of isolation, because hot damn there’s been some cracking food hacks and recipes coming out of rogue FB groups. This time, a bloke from Brisbane has crafted up something that absolutely screams 3am munchies – loaded Macca’s hashbrowns.

I swear at this point in the pandemic, my Facebook feed is like 99% FB mums sharing chaotic home recipes and I definitely do not hate it.

Brendon shared on the ‘Share Kmart Air Fryer Recipes‘ group (the names of these groups are truly the best) his home recipe for a whole tray of cheesy, crunchy hashbrowns cooked in an air fryer.

After a ceremonial Macca’s run to grab a bag of hashy-b’s (if you don’t have a Macca’s, store-bought is fine), old mate laid them out on the tray and cooked them in the air fryer for 10mins at 200ºC.

air fryer loaded hashbrowns
Lookin’ good as hell. (Image: Brendon Montgomery/Facebook)

Then he topped the heavenly potato ovals with chunky cubes of bacon and a heap of cheese – mixing it up with both Tasty cheese and mozzarella – and then popped it back into the air fryer for another five mins at 200ºC.

air fryer loaded hashbrowns
Look at all that CHEESE. (Image: Brendon Montgomery/Facebook)

After the second speedy bake, he sprinkled some fresh chives on top, before serving the loaded hashbrowns up with some sour cream on top. Now, this is some elite shit, my friends. Look at this and tell me it’s not a perfect late-night snack when you’ve simmered yourself on a high-heat for a bit too long.

air fryer loaded hashbrowns
Just a light smattering of chives. (Image: Brendon Montgomery/Facebook)

And finally, plating up the loaded hashbrowns. Like a true MasterChef. A culinary god. A food hacking mastermind.

air fryer loaded hashbrowns
This radiates Dad-can’t-be-fucked-to-cook-tonight energies. (Image: Brendon Montgomery/Facebook)

And don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on hashbrowns right now, our new fave king of the kitchen assured everyone that you can make the same dish by swapping the hashbrowns out with potato gems.

air fryer loaded hashbrowns
Sweet mother of God. (Image: Brendon Montgomery/Facebook)

Christ that looks heart-stoppingly good.

I feel like Brendon has opened some kind of FB food hacks Pandora’s Box here. There’s no putting a lid back on this one. I can’t wait to see how people riff on this because it feels like the sky’s really the limit here.

Image: Facebook / Brendon Montgomery