Cooking Cob Loaf Dip In An Air Fryer Is Faster But Please, God, Stop Fucking With Perfection

I’ll admit, I’m a cob loaf dip purist and potentially quasi-professional cobber. As someone who would hit ‘attending’ on invites and then be asked multiple times if I was bringing a cob to share, I feel like this news was made just for me. Because recently, people have been subbing out baking their cob loaf in the oven with quickly zapping it in an air fryer and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it.

Time-saving, absolutely. But does it come out the same? More research needed, thank you. Also, just…stop trying to fuck around with perfection, yeah?

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Cob loaf dip is quite possibly the ultimate treat. It’s gooey, warm, and comforting, and has very minimal rubbish at the end. Hell, you might argue that the cob loaf is the best zero-waste party food. You eat the dip bowl, and I simply have to stan an environmentally-friendly sharable dish.

air fryer cob dip
Love u. (Yes I was drunk when I took this photo, it was my BIRTHDAY do not @ ME.)

There’s something quite meditative about going through the process of making the original (and the best) cob dip. Mixing together the cream cheese and sour cream so it gets a good consistency, folding in the dry soup mix and the spinach when it’s ready.

Getting a perfect cut off the top of the cob loaf and pulling out the fluffy insides is a near-euphoric experience, and somehow getting all the dip to fit in the bread bowl perfectly, there’s nothing like it.

Baking it in a hot oven for 25-30 minutes is nothing short of a lesson in patience because good things come to those who wait. It’s justice, it’s the law, it’s the vibe.

So the fact that cooking a whole-ass cob loaf in an air fryer takes maybe half the time, I just don’t know if I can get on board with it. Everyone has gone a bit wild with the humble cob in the last couple of years, I’ve been sent blasphemous iterations of it from full spag bol cobs to insane sweet-toothed chocolate cobs.


Stop that.

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Stop messing with perfection!!

We very nearly tipped into Freakshake territory for a minute there, and that scares me. We simply can’t let the precious cob dip go the same way those monstrous milkshakes went. Don’t overload the cob, don’t try and fill it with bells and whistles, or have shit sticking out of it. I won’t let the cob go down the same path as our other over-loaded food obsessions. Just stick with original and the best.

Ok I’ll allow fancy cheese, and one time I did bake a Camembert and nest that inside a cob once. But please, don’t spoil a classic fave.

So look, maybe we can flirt with blasphemy by cooking a cob loaf in a Kmart air fryer but I swear to God if we ruin the cob loaf dip, I will be so cranky.

It’s your choice, but I’m gonna stick to what I know.