Sydney burger faves Bar Luca are doing us all a spooky solid this Halloween season, and slinging Halloween-themed cocktails all week long.

That is correct: you get to drink a slightly gory-looking vanilla and raspberry concoction with a fkn balloon attached to it. Bonus points if you do it in full Skarsgard clown makeup.

Nothing says scary quite like Pennywise so we thought he’d be the perfect inspiration for one of our Halloween cocktails,” Bar Luca’s general manager Sarah Simson told P.TV.

We would have to agree. The murderous clown is indeed scary as hell, but he’s inspired a cocktail that I would probably follow into a sewer. Like let’s be honest. I would.

bar luca it cocktail

The ‘TIME TO FLOAT’ is a vanilla & raspberry ice cream float, topped with lemonade and one of them creepy-ass red balloons. It’s $10 if you want to keep your Halloween clean, and an extra $5 to kick-start your freaky season with vanilla vodka (the menu is calling this “choose your poison”, which, yep, Halloween-y, I’ll allow it.

Like we said, the specials are running all week long – get floatin’, my creppy friends.