Sydney Froth Dogs 4 Pines Wanna Shout Aussie Nurses A Six Pack For International Nurses Day

To celebrate International Nurses Day and give huge cheers to all the hard work that nurses are doing on the front lines of the pandemic, Sydney’s beer legends 4 Pines are shouting every nurse a six-pack of their fave froth today.

On a day where a lot of hospitals and medical offices normally have a big BBQ to champion their nursing staff – which obviously can’t happen this year due to obvious reasons – the 4 Pines gang decided to step in and chuck in some free beers with every burger ordered for delivery by an Aussie nurse.

4 Pines nurses beer

If you’re a nurse, all you have to do is order yourself a burger from your local 4 Pines spot via the website (if you’re within a 20min radius of the pub/bar), punch in “CHEERS NURSES” at the checkout, and have your hospital ID ready for when your delivery shows up.

You’ve also got the option of what Froth Whitlams you want to knock the top off – the Pale Ale, Draught, Pacific Ale or the bloody delish Brookvale Union Ginger Beer (my personal fave.)

In terms of burgs, you’ve got the option of a cheesy-b, a chook burger, a spicy porky burg, or a vegan “tree-hugger” burger.

If you’re not too sure if you’re within spitting distance of a 4 Pines brew pub, there’s one in Manly, one in Newport, one in Brookvale, and one just up over the Queensland border in Coolangatta.

So if all of that applies to you, get around it because when else are you going to be able to pay $12 for a burger and a six pack of beer all delivered to your door with a huge thanks for all the tireless work you do? Bloody never, that’s when.

Alert all your nurse mates or fellow scrubs-wearing legends, because you bloody deserve to be treated today. Rip the lid off one (responsibly) and cheers each other from an acceptable distance. You’ve bloody earned it.