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In 2021, Joey’s business has exploded, granting him the ability to set up a temporary restaurant in Fitzroy with a capacity of 50 punters.

The quality of the lasagne has remained top-tier, naturally, so the restaurant is almost always packed to the gills with punters fanging for a bite.

While there’s obviously a lot more to it behind the scenes, the notion that you can go from an idea – in this instance, lasagne delivery and a shotty car – to a full-blown restaurant in the space of five years is an exciting one for anyone who’s also got their sights set on a self-made enterprise.

As the old, tired saying goes: there’s no time like the present, so if you need a good ol’ kick up the bum, this could very well be it. Get your name out there and start working towards the business of your dreams. Avocado pip salesperson, perhaps? It’s niche enough to work (but also that’s my idea so shotgun).

I’m not sure how usual business models go, but I can only assume having the literal phone number to call in the name of his business helped Joey get to this point.

“What do you feel like?”


“Done. Who should we order from?”


“Love it, what’s the number? I’ll call ’em.”


“Ah yep, no that makes sense.”


“I know :(“

Genius marketing. Well played indeed, Joey.

If you can think about nothing but lasagne now, you know who to call.

I’ve met exactly one person who disliked lasagne in my lifetime, and that person was quickly and promptly let go.

Not from a job or anything, I simply told them they were let go and then walked off. Talking to strangers in the wild, what a fun pastime that used to be.

No, lasagne is near-universally loved and for good reason – cheese, bechamel sauce, meat or a veggie substitute, carbs – it’s all there in one perfect square.

1800-Lasagne founder and fellow lasagne lover Joey Kellock clocked on to Australia’s (and the world’s) love for the Italian classic, opening his delivery service over five years ago.

Last year, Joey was delivering between 25 and 50 lasagne in a two-hour window, so everyone’s clearly hankering for some comfort food.

Joey’s business started off with nothing more than ingredients, his mate’s car and a conventional oven. Joey would drive across Victoria, delivering his made-in-bulk lasagne to patrons keen on injecting that cheesy carb-bomb directly into their veins.

Why The Genius Behind Victoria’s Fave 1800-Lasagne Got Into The Bechamel-Filled Business

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Joey's business started off with nothing more than ingredients, his mate's car and a conventional oven.


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