Neptune Retrograde 2024 Has Just Kicked Off, Which Is Why You’re Having Weird Dreams

Get ready for bonkers dreams and a reality check or two as Neptune Retrograde has just kicked off, and by the way it’s not the only planet that’s begun its cheeky backwards motion.

Not one, but TWO planets are now retrograde (the other being Saturn Retrograde) so take your vitamins, do your stretches, and make sure you’re getting as much sleep as poss… and when you have those kooky dreams, be sure to write them down and decode them. The universe is speaking to you!

Here’s everything you need to know about the dream planet’s retrograde period.

Neptune Retrograde 2024

What is Neptune Retrograde?

As you’ll remember from that dastardly Mercury Retrograde, Neptune Retrograde involves the planet Neptune moving backwards, which then causes the lives of us earthlings to go backwards as well.

Since Neptune rules dreams and illusions, during this time, expect to have wack as hell sleeping patterns and even wackier dreams, maybe even nightmares (ahhh!).

You may wake up at times feeling completely unrested and stressed about what went down in your dream. Be sure to analyse all your dreams because you might just learn some sneaky BTS tea about what’s really going on in your waking life.

You see, Neptune Retrograde falls in Pisces and this water sign is believed to bring with it a psychic sense. So those weird dreams you’re having are actually your intuition trying to receive messages from the universe!

You may also find yourself daydreaming IRL, meaning you’ll likely disassociate throughout the day, which might result in you dropping the ball in your waking life.

Neptune Retrograde is here to shake things up! (Credit: Getty)

What do I do during Neptune Retrograde?

Vibes are weird right now so you’ve gotta look after yourself big time.

Here’s some tips on how to survive the chaos of Neptune Retrograde:

Zen out

Whatever that means to you, whether it’s through meditation, yoga, painting, singing, drawing, fucking, cooking, watching trashy reality TV. Whatever brings you peace and keeps you sane, do it!

Perform a cleansing

Cleanse yourself and your home space by performing a smudging. Living in cluttered energy may be the reason why you’ve been feeling lost and foggy! Clear out those neggo vibes with some sage or Palo Santo.

Analyse your dreams

I cannot overstate this: Rrcord your dreams and analyse them! The universe might be trying to tell you something!


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Listen to your intuition

Pay attention to your intuition! Neptune Retrograde falls in Pisces and its psychic energy is enhancing your intuition. Make sure you listen to signs from universe.

Me waking up from a wild Neptune Retrograde dream. (Credit: Veep)

How long does it last?

I regret to inform you that your dreams will be wonky for quite some time.

Neptune Retrograde goes from now until December 7.

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See yas on the other side!

Matt Galea is the Managing Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer. His first book How To Spot The (Star) Signs is out now! You can find him on InstagramX and TikTok.