June Horoscopes 2024: Here’s What Each Sign Can Expect From The Month Ahead

Buckle up, mates! Your June horoscopes 2024 have arrived and it’s time to sit down, shut up and sip the cosmic tea.

Over the next month, there’s a heap of spicy cosmic occurrences, which you can read about at the end of your June horoscopes 2024. There’s powerful full and new moons (including the Strawberry Moon) for us to observe and tap into. But, of course, these events come with their fair share of chaos, so head to the bottom of this article for advice on how to handle them.

Here’s everything the stars have in store for your sign in June…

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Peep your June horoscopes 2024 below…

June Horoscopes 2024


March 21 – April 19


Venus’ movements will have you looking irresistible as fuck to those around you, especially around the 15th. Single? Now is the time to reach out to your crush and drop the vibes that you’re keen. Already in a relationship? Get ready to root like rabbits with your partner ‘cos again, you’re irresistible as fuuuuuck.

Lady Gaga is a bold and brass Aries. (Credit: Instagram)


Feel like you’ve been floundering lately? Lost, with no bloody idea of where you’re headed next? Well, prepare to have a new sense of purpose in your werk life, thanks to Venus yeeting itself into your success zone.


Your mental and physical health have taken a back seat to your booming social life and busy work schedule. Big mistake. HUGE! Focus on your wellbeing and mindfulness throughout June to re-energise yourself and help you power through the rest of the year.


April 20 – May 20


Mars’ movements will have you looking and feeling hot as hell. Take advantage of this newfound confidence and go after whoever your heart desires — even that certain someone you thought you didn’t have a chance with.


Over the last year you’ve been busy planting seeds in your career zone and now, thanks to abundance planet Jupiter, you will enter a period of good luck and success. Reap those rewards, baby!


The new moon on June 6 will really test you as it falls in taskmaster planet Saturn. When things get rocky, do not give up — persevere! Once you’ve climbed over the hurdle, you will be rewarded greatly.


May 21 – June 21


Stay vigilant in your love life, especially around June 22. Miscommunications are bound to occur so be extra careful when sending risky texts to that cutie you’ve been chatting to and try to really listen to your partner when they’re talking to avoid a blow-up.


When faced with big decisions in the realm of work and finance (AKA spending!), be sure to take a more clever and calculated approach. Rushing into things won’t serve you well this month. Take a step back and really think things through before making your move. Also, be on the look out for ace collaboration opps with other talented folks!


Got beef with anyone? I’m sure it was over a silly misunderstanding or miscommunication (isn’t it always?). And good news, this month, your communicative powers are at their greatest, so you’ll have the opportunity to patch things up, especially midway through the month as emotive Cancer transits into your sign. Swallow your pride and squash that beef, babes. It’s time!


June 22 – July 22


When love planet Venus moves into Leo on June 10, your ~romantic realm~ will be absolutely peaking. Take advantage of this positive energy in the field of love by planning hot dates and showing that special someone what a treat you are to be with.

Lana Del Rey Cancer

Never forget when Lana Del Rey revealed to the world that she’s a Cancer, not a Gemini. (Credit: Twitter)


Eep, you’re going to have to review your spending habits over the next month and see where all the money is disappearing! I know cozzie livs is hitting everyone hard, but surely there’s somewhere in your life that you can cut back? Soz to break it to ya, but you kinda have no choice. Be frugal or go hungry!


With the Sun moving into your sign, expect hidden talents to emerge. Whether it’s finding a new gym class that you’re ace at, kickstarting a sweet side hustle, or being all arty farty. When you find whatever this talent is, don’t be shy about it. Shout it from the rooftops! Share it to your Instagram Story! Allow your friends to bask in your brilliance! 


July 23 – August 22


Love planet Venus’ movement into your sign from June 13 will help you create meaningful connections, whether IRL or on the apps. As for those already coupled-up, your cup needs filling so plan some activities with your other half that’ll do just that.


Are there any sweet ideas, side hustles, or groundbreaking plans you’ve been meaning to put in place but you’ve been waiting for the right time to strike? Well the time is now, my friend, as the Sun and Mercury transit through Gemini and enhance your chances of getting things off the ground.


Midway through the month, your social life will be booming. It’s time to strengthen the bond you have with your nearest and dearest, just beware of burn-out from all those fabulous plans you keep being roped into.


August 23 – September 22


Venus’ movements around the midway point of this month will spark an upturn in your love life. If things have been dark and stormy lately, then get ready for the clouds to clear and the sun to return to your romantic life.


As the Sun heads through your 11th house of friendship and networking throughout June, you will find much success through collaborative endeavours. I know you love doing all the work yourself so you don’t have to share the glory, but remember, there’s power in numbers!


Something from your past that you thought you’d dealt with or had put on the “later” shelf will smack you in the face and you’ll have to actually get shit done now. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled on the opportunity to travel because something hella fun is on the horizon.


September 23 – October 22


Go ahead and attend all of the parties and events in June because your love sector is peaking and you’re likely to form meaningful connections. This is all thanks to matchmaker planet Venus which wants you to feel the love big time this month.


Cancer Season will hit you riiiiiiight in the career zone and amplify your sense of ambition. Now is the time to step into your power and ace those tasks and as a result, receive all of the props and kudos from the higher ups at work.


Midway through the month, your focus will turn to your home and fam as a dispute sends ripples through your inner circle. Tap into your balancing Libran energy to restore order and mend the rifts that either you or your nearest and dearest are involved in.


October 23 – November 21


Midway through the month, Mars will enter your communication sector. Mars is quite a spicy planet so it’s likely to leave you short-tempered. Be extra careful in your communication with your dates and/or partner. Instead, channel the energy to work through any tension that exists in your relo.


As the Sun moves through your ninth house of adventure, dare to dream BIG when it comes to your career goals. Ponder the possibility of doing something completely different to what you’re doing now. I’m not saying to quit your job instantly, but start to enquire about whether a new career path / course study could be the answer for your future happiness.


Your ruling planet Pluto will have you feeling hella pensive this month. Lean into it! Do as much self-reflection and introspection as you can to help you figure out what it is you want for the rest of 2024.

The greatest Scorpio in existence.


November 22 – December 21


You’ve been running from your feelings rather than dealing with them and guess what? They’re finally going to catch up with you as Cancer Season (AKA the moody binch period) kicks off in June. Tackle the issue head-on. Unpack it and put it to bed once and for all.


Your better judgement when it comes to finances and your career will be clouded this month, so make sure you’re discerning when making decisions in June. Especially big ones that’ll impact your life long term, such as changing careers or dropping heaps of cash on luxury items.


If you’re thinking of travelling this month, I’d recommend rolling with the end of June (ideally the last week). It’s great to be spontaneous but it’s also smart to save up as much as you can and ensure that you won’t wind up in the hole when you return from your vacay ‘cos you’ve blown the budget on luxe travel.


December 22 – January 19


With the Sun moving through your seventh house of partnerships in June, your focus will turn to a certain 1:1 relationship. Whether it’s with a date, a partner, a mate or maybe even a relative. Whoever this is, make sure you’re taking in the other person’s thoughts, feelings and ideas rather than steam-rolling them like you usually do.


Make sure you practice patience at work, because your short temper and need for everything to be done your way could lead to unnecessary squabbles and tension in the workplace. That’s never fun, now is it?


Be on the lookout for technical glitches, misunderstandings and borked travel this month. With that said, all the chaos that’s about to ensue will result in some important, valuable, character-building lessons.


January 20 – February 18


When Vesta, the asteroid of sacred spirituality, moves into spicy Leo on Wednesday, June 19, your sex life will be on point. Whether you’re single or committed, expect some top notch orgasms around this time.


Looks like you’re going to need to pull back on the spending and stick to a budget as your habits have put you into overdraft. Eep! This is all due to Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, going retrograde in Pisces on Saturday, June 29.


When things start getting a lil tricky this month, don’t be afraid to lean on your nearest and dearest. That’s what they’re there for! Just make sure you don’t overextend them and ask for too much.

Harry Styles (Getty)
Aquarian king Harry Styles. I’m sure here’s reading the June horoscopes 2024 as we speak… (Credit: Getty)


February 19 – March 20


As messenger planet Mercury moves into sweet and sensitive Cancer around Monday, June 17, try and add a sense of softness to your relationships. You’re a soft queen by nature but sometimes your attention to detail in relationships can lead you to appear too pedantic. Try and let go of the seriousness and just feel.


With Mercury moving into chatty Gemini on Monday, June 3, your communication skills will be peaking. If there are any important convos you’ve been needing to have at work, now would be the time to do so as you’ll have a better chance of articulating yourself and getting your point across.


Pay close attention to your dreams this month as messenger planet Mercury will be interacting with your ruler, dreamy Neptune, and the universe will be trying to send you messages and communicate with you via your dreams.

Important astrology dates for June 2024

New Moon in Gemini

June 8, 2024

You’re likely to become easily distracted by the frazzled energy of the Gemini New Moon, but don’t! Focus yourself on securing the bag and getting that bread. This New Moon is a cosmic turning point and fresh energy is in the air so tap into it to make great strides in your life.

Cancer Season begins

June 21 – July 22, 2024

Get ready to bawl like a baby because Cancer Season has arrived to fuck shit up in your June horoscopes 2024. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad! As the Sun moves into the emotional water sign, it ushers in a much-needed vibe shift. The energy that’s in the air will encompass that of a Cancerian. The crabby sign is known for being just that: crabby. Not in a savage way, just in the way of feeling every single damn emotion. So go ahead and feel all of the feelings this month! Emotionally. Dramatically. Unapologetically. Don’t think, just feel.

Full Moon in Capricorn

June 24, 2024

Remember when Kris Jenner said, “If the answer you get is ‘no’, you’re speaking to the wrong person”? That’s the energy you need to embody during this time as you read your June horoscopes 2024. Don’t be afraid to steamroll everyone in your path to get to what you want.

Anyway, that’s it from me! Be sure to check back for your monthly horoscope when July draws closer!

Matt Galea is PTV’s Managing Editor and resident astrologer who penned your June horoscopes 2024. He recently released his first book titled How To Spot The (Star) Signs. You can find him on Instagram and TikTok.