The Full Moon In Leo 2024 Has Arrived, Here’s What Each Star Sign Can Expect

Get ready to roar like Katy Perry (sorry, I had to) because the Full Moon in Leo 2024 is here and the fire sign energy is bloody palpable!

Leos are sparky, fiery beasts who have a unique vibe about them so you just know we’re in for a wild one.

Read on to suss everything you need to know about the Full Moon in Leo, including how it will affect each star sign, plus some Full Moon in Leo 2024 rituals.

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Full Moon in Leo 2024

When is the next Full Moon in Leo?

Buckle up, babes. The Full Moon in Leo rises on January 26, but remember, lunar energy can be felt days before and days after so be mindful of that!

This also means you have extra time to manifest, which is always noice.

What does Full Moon in Leo mean?

Now is the time to be brave, bold and fearless.

Adopt that main character energy that all Leos possess and focus on yourself and your personal growth. It’s time to remember who the fuck you are!

Look inside yourself and see if there’s anything that needs to be worked on. Stop running from your demons and actually face them head-on for once. The spirit of the Leo will be on your side and the fresh energy of the Full Moon will help you usher in a new way of thinking and feeling. Clear any blockages in your life that are preventing you from seizing the good shit you deserve.

This isn’t anything to be afraid of, you should actually be excited! The Full Moon in Leo is giving you the opportunity to stamp out whatever it is that’s holding you back so you can power through with the rest of 2024 with gusto.

Just be on the lookout ‘cos Leos are all about drama, therefore there’s likely to be some kind of beef going down as everyone is ON ONE right now, so beware.

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How will the Full Moon in Leo affect my star sign?

Thought you’d never ask! Here’s what each individual star sign can expect from the Full Moon in Leo and its bonkers energy.

Lion King GIF


Your spirit is just BEGGING for you to direct your Aries energy somewhere productive, where you can kick butt and take names. With your fellow fire sign’s energy giving you a lovely lil boost as it moves through your fifth astrological house of play and creativity, look into finally kickstarting that passion project, side hustle or hobby.


The Leo Full Moon will give you the guts to finally let go of something that’s been holding you back. You’ve levelled up in your life this year and certain past behaviours, attitudes or even people might still be aligned with the old you and not the new you. Tap into the Full Moon’s energy and be ruthless AF in the pursuit of regaining your peace. (Might I also suggest performing a Banishing Ritual to cut off the bad vibes?)


You’ve been keeping your big, bold plans on the down low which isn’t like you, Gemini. Let the vibrant energy of the Leo Full Moon help you share your ideas with the world. Go on, sing it from the rooftops! You’ll find that people are actually super receptive to what you’ve got going on!


The Leo Full Moon is beaming down with rays of success for you, my Cancerian king / queen. If you haven’t already received good news, expect it to arrive in the coming days. Seize it with both hands, you’ve earned it! With the energy activating your second house of comfort and security, it’s looking like this news will bring you a sense of stability and untold joy.


Since it’s a Leo Full Moon, you lot will obviously be feeling its energy the most. And get this: the Full Moon hits in your first house of ego and new beginnings, so now is the time to revamp your vibe. If there are any changes or edits you’ve been meaning to make to your life, lunar energy says go for gold now!


Are there any gaping wounds that need healing? Not in the physical sense (lord, I hope not in the physical sense!), but more so mental and emotional? Well, the Full Moon in Leo is set to beam into your 12th house of healing, so you’ll have the opportunity to work on yourself and mend the aforementioned wounds, whether it’s by locking in a therapist appointment, having a long chat with whoever caused the damage or focusing on self-care.


Head’s up, Libra! As much as you fun-loving babes hate drama, unfortunately the dramatic AF Full Moon in Leo is set to bring chaos into your life, whether it’s romantic qualms, drama in the group chat or a squabble at work. Whatever the issue may be, try and tap into your harmonious Libran spirit to help restore order when shit hits the fan.


Well would ya look at that, planetary energy says YOU are the main character, Scorpio! With the Leo Full Moon landing in your 10th house of me, me, me, the spotlight will be on you and you should soak it up. Every last drop of it! Expect major personal and professional achievements which will be celebrated by others, as they should be!


You’ve been waiting for certain intel to come your way and the Leo Full Moon might just help it appear in your inbox, DMs, mailbox, etc that much quicker. With the moon hitting up your ninth house of expansion, something new is on the horizon so keep your eyes and ears peeled.


I know you hate delving into your feelings but the Leo Full Moon 2024 is all about Y-O-U so seize this opportunity because it could help you to release that emotional baggage that’s stopping you from living your best life. Do some introspection, pls.


The full moon hits up your seventh house of partnerships, bringing a certain connection to the forefront. An exciting change could be coming personally or professionally — tap into the Leo Full Moon energy to help ya get it over the line!


With the Leo Full Moon illuminating your sixth house of routine, consider shaking up your day-to-day schedule. Be bold and try new things, you’ll be surprised how minor things like doing your bed in the morn or walking to work instead of getting public transport can shake up your energy, revive your spark and refresh your spirit.

Oh, and here’s a bunch of Full Moon in Leo rituals to try!

Matt Galea is PTV’s Managing Editor and resident astrologer. He recently released his first book titled How To Spot The (Star) Signs. You can find him on Instagram and TikTok.