The moniker has never been quite so appropriate.

With eight eclectic-as-all-hell albums under his belt and a resume that includes, you know, dropping rhymes for Massive Attack, trip-hop legend Tricky can do pretty much whatever the hell he wants. The Bristol boy put that theory to good use with his totally bizarre headlining slot at Playground Weekender Festival on Friday night.

Inciting a mass stage invasion for a fifteen-minute plus blues/gospel rendition of Motörhead's 'Ace Of Spades', Tricky quickly vanished behind the wall of dancing punters, dropping his microphone and letting them rave on way past their used-by-date. He was eventually seen standing to one side, enjoying the mayhem and clearly not fussed about the fact that he wasn't actually performing.

He did one better as he closed his set, jumping into the crowd, enjoying the unbridled affections of a few too many overzealous females before literally disappearing into thin air. His band chugged through the rest of the track, the lights came on and it became apparent that the show was over, but the Tricky didn't made a reappearance. Turns out he'd somehow managed to wander all the way to the bar, whereupon he chatted up a girl to buy him a beer, rolled a cigarette and kicked back for some happy snaps his fans.

Now that's what we call audience interaction.