Hasbro Games have provided the world with a thousand golden childhood moments with its nontoxic plastic delights like Mr Potato Head, My Little Pony and G.I. Joe; and for the more strategic-minded rumpus room regular, naval warfare game Battleship was where it's at. Well shoot my destroyer with a frikkin laser y'all: Battleship is getting made into a movie and it's going to star Rihanna. Heaven called, it wants its flawless concept back.

Rihanna will make her acting debut in the feature film adaptation that's being directed by Peter Berg and also stars Alexander Skarsgard (Eric from 'True Blood') and Taylor Kitsch (Riggins from 'Friday Night Lights').

So how will the classic boardgame be translated into a 90 minute entertainment spectacular? According to Variety, the premise centres on a battle over land, sea and sky against a "superior" alien force. Enough said.

Filming is expected to start later this year and is slated to be released in May 2012.

Battleship: "You're the commander of your fleet, so prepare your strategy and lead your troops to victory! Call out your coordinates and mark your hits and misses..."

UPDATE: Upon Wikipedia-ing 'Battleship' purely for pleasure it appears Milton Bradley - not Hasbro - first developed Battleship.

Image by: Simone Joyer via Getty