Queensland raised up-and-coming top model Codie Young landed a major editorial gig as the face of Topshop this year, but she has suddenly found herself at the centre of yet another "too skinny" fashion controversy after a photo on the Topshop website was removed after receiving complaints from eating disorder support groups.

In response to the claims Topshop spokesperson Andrew Leahy released a statement saying, "Topshop is confident that Codie is a healthy young woman and we do not feel it necessary to remove her from our imagery. However we do recognise regretfully that the angle this image has been shot at may accentuate Codie's proportions making her head look bigger and neck longer in proportion to her body .?.?."

Here you can see the offending image (left) and the image that was used as a replacement on the home page:

One of the complainants, anorexia researcher Helen Davies, told the Daily Mail, "Images like this are affecting young girls more than ever before... It's a constant battle against eating disorders and Topshop is not helping matters."

18-year-old Codie has responded to the comments in length on her blog. She wrote:

Firstly this is very hurtful to me as I am naturally skinny; and anyone who knows me would know that I have been naturally skinny my entire life as my dad is 6'5 tall and skinny an [sic] my mum is also skinny, not to mention that my entire family on my dads [sic] side are all tall and skinny like me!

For someone like Ms Davies to say its not okay for me to be this thin ( which is how I was created) basicly [sic] says its not okay for me to be who I am!

I am very happy with my body and how I look because its [sic] a part of who I am! Throughout my entire childhood I was called anorexic and people would ask if I was bulimic. And it was really hard sometimes for me to deal with as I have always been this way.

You know what some people are just naturally skinny and even if I tried to put on weight it wouldn't matter, because it doesn't matter what I eat, I dont put it on. sorry to dissapoint [sic] you but why should I be accused of something so awful as being anorexic when I'm most definitally [sic] not. I love food as anyone who actually knows me would know!!!

There's nothing worse (for a non-thin person) than hearing some effortlessly waif-like beanpole bemoaning how hard it is to gain a few pounds and how they're sick of people commenting on how thin they are, but Skinny Shaming with comparisons to genuine anorexia sufferers is offensive - and Codie Young's situation evidently falls into that category.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, we are all but actors upon a stage; some characters are skinny and some are fat.

Images via Daily Mail and Topshop blog