Yesterday we posted a quick rundown of the Academy Awards' official category winners, but the winners are almost the most boring part of the Oscars ceremony. It's the peripheral stuff - the loser faces, the drunk people, the red carpet bromance hugs - that make it compelling viewing.

In a celebration of all that isn't actual Academy Awards, here is our FAVOURITE OSCAR MOMENTS 2010!

Best Half-Joking Threat Of Violence Between Former Lovers: James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow

Best On-Air Pick Up Line: Gabby Sibide

The star of Precious had a crack at Gerard Butler during a red carpet interview: "I'd hit that. I'm not ashamed. Let's grab a bottle of champagne and see where the night goes."

She also generally was adorable and referenced porn when describing her dress. Winner.

The Best Seemingly Drunk Red Carpet Performance: Quentin Tarantino

He seems to be trying to withhold a burp throughout the interview. Having said that, Q-Daddy always seems a bit loose and hyper, so maybe he just forgot to comb his hair:

Best Montage: The Tribute To John Hughes

It makes you want to have five sick days in a row and watch the entire Hughes catalogue in chronological order.

Molly Ringwald looks hot and Ferris Bueller looks old and depressing. He'll always live on in our hearts as the sweater-wearing high school kid aboard that float singing Wayne Newton.

Best Absent Person Who Would Have Made The Night Better: Pacey

Where the hell was he, Kruger?

Best Dressed Female That Is Most Difficult To Admit: Kristen Stewart in Monique Lhuillier

Most Predictable Display Of Ungrateful-Hollywood-Asshole Behaviour: Kristen Stewart