Twitter might seem inane and pointless to some but at Australia's Griffith University, Journalism students are now required to study the micro-blogging platform for reals.

The Twitter course was implemented because "Some students' tweets are not as in depth as you might like" said senior lecturer Jacqui Ewart. Of course Ewart fails to take into account training for the bong olympics, toga party dressing dilemmas and thinly veiled flirting (or the three pillars of Academia) as reasons for shallow tweeting.

Encouragingly for the future of Australian Journalism most students weren't even aware of Twitter, as Ewart explains: "Quite surprisingly, a lot of students didn't know what Twitter was. There were a couple of really vocal students who were saying they couldn't believe we were using it and thought it was a waste of time,". Yay for progressive young minds or maybe it's just a Griffith thing?