Admit it: your travel photos consist mainly of you flashing your tits / wang on top of the Eiffel Tower, pulling a beer bong in Croatia and taking shroom-driven selfies in an Amsterdam park. 

If you're New Zealand photographer Allan Dixon, your camera roll looks more like you broke into a zoo to get the world's best photos of you and a million furry companions.

Seriously, the dude has travelled everyone from 'Straya to Ireland to sharing the limelight with quokkas, kangaroos, lambs, cats, llamas, horsies - even the rats of the sky, seagulls.

Never be afraid to smile and show the world your beautiful teeth. Start spreading those smiles ?? #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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Just horsing around ?? ?? Spread happiness by telling funny jokes. Thanks @zephyr_horses @goproanz #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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Chickens will have their revenge someday. Save some animals, eat less meat. ???? #DaxonsAnimalSelfies

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A super cool opportunity for you. ???? Your interest and passion is what defines you. Netflix are looking for 3 people to travel to for a really sweet photo project in entertainment. Google 'Grammasters' or #grammasters3 for info to enter. This particular photo happened with the help of @yhaaustralia and @clelandwildlifepark. Dingo pups are being raised and cared for in Cleland Wildlife Park in the hopes to educate positive future knowledge about the dingos and give an interactive experience of hanging out with them. These brands have been great to collaborate with, acknowledging the benefit of social media and art to help the greater good in spreading awareness. I haven't been paid to say any of this but think it's a really cool competition that everyone should try enter, and if you ever find yourself in Adelaide go hangout with these awesome dingo pups. #DaxonsAnimalSelfies #grammasters3 #YHAoz

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The photos look super-natural, but Dixon says there's a fine art to the animal-selfie, which can take "anywhere between five minutes to three hours of being in the animal's presence” to really nail. 
A piece of advice for all ya'll who want to follow his lead:

"They should be very careful as to not upset or provoke the animal when they’re trying to take the photo. Gain the animal’s trust in a calm relaxed manner and the results will be golden. Make sure it’s not a crocodile."

You heard the man.

Source: Bored Panda.
Photo: Instagram / @daxon.