It's always interesting to hear which particular episode of a binge-worthy series is the one that pulls people into an abyss of snack-filled slobism. And then there's that one friend that says they just "don't get" the series you can't stop watching, regardless of the episode. What fucking planet are they living on?

Internet streaming lords Netflix took that thought one step further and found out which particular episode of your favourite series is the one that hooks you, then compared it to the rest of the world.

The most addictive TV crack for us was Stranger Things and The Get Down, wrapping us around their seductive fingers by just the third episode. The rest of the world seems to take less convincing, requiring only 2 episodes. Gilmore Girls took the longest, requiring 8 episodes for us and 7 for the rest of the world. 

Check out the rest of the binge-fest below. 

Source: Netflix.
Photo: The Simpsons.