Haydenshapes is the biggest name in surfboard design rn. 

The Aussie brand has gone boota over the last few years; from a 150% increase in business (US business is gearing up to overtake local sales), to an epic collaboration with designer-and-frequent-Yeezy-rap-lyric Alexander Wang on a siq limited-edition collection of marble boards for an installation in his NYC/Toyko stores, it's all gravy baby. 

Haydenshapes x Alexander Wang <3

Oh, and Haydenshapes is also up Surfboard of the Year over in America (it's announced in Feb), which hasn't been won by an Aussie in almost a decade.

But the wins don't stop there, with founder Hayden Cox throwing open the doors to his crazy-innovative, flagship store in Mona ValeSydney - a place Hayden says mixes his "love of surfboards, innovative technology, design and architecture to create a one of a kind retail experience."

Dude ain't kidding: there's a seated area in-store where you can view the full Haydenshapes range on touchscreen displays unique to the brand / 'build' your dream board with a 360 view, before fanging on some VR Gear (Virtual Reality) goggles that transports you to Hayden's shaping bay for a mano e mono talk about the different stages of a board's creation.

Even if the technology wasn't half as rad as it is, the store would be worth a visit based on aesthetics alone. With its clean lines and surfaces, plus more of that marble vibe Hayden's now famous for, it's one giant jizzing station for surf lovers.

If you're more of a watch-tubes-from-the-beach type, there's also scope to shop for wetsuits by Saturdays NYC, Bassike, Huf etc etc.

Check a 360 degree view of the store:

This combined with news of Kelly Slater's epic artificial wave, and we have ourselves a helluva good time to be a surfer in 'Straya.

*throws Shaka*

Photo: Supplied.