Poor old DeMarcus Cousins cannot catch a break.

The former Sacramento King and now New Orleans Pelican is fighting what's seemingly a losing battle against the NBA administration and rules committee. Not only is the NBA steadfast in their almost criminal refusal to legalise quite-clearly harmless on-court tactics like "kicking a chair" and "abusing referees," but now the hypocritical idiots have suddenly decided that Cousins can't even verbally shit on people in the crowd as well. What is this? Nazi Germany?

Boogie has already picked up a whopping 18 technical fouls this season, resulting in fines and two single-game suspensions (that he will continue to incur for every two Ts he picks up for the remainder of the season), and now he's got to open up his wallet yet again.

The NBA has slugged Cousins with a $50,000 fine for "directing inappropriate language towards fans" stemming from at least two seperate incidents, one of which he told a fan to, and we quote "suck a dick, bitch."

That run-in occurred in Los Angeles after fans behind the scorer's table heckled him throughout the game and reportedly called him "fat boy" repeatedly. Thank the based gods for the internet and smartphones with cameras in them.

The other incident occurred in Utah, where a fan heckled Cousins, who was walking off the court, for being "soft." To which Cousins returned serve with "sit your fat ass down." Again, the internet sees and hears all:

This latest fine follows on from a $25,000 bill issued earlier in the season after Cousins flipped off Warriors fans - although if Cousins didn't use "I was trying to hold up 3 fingers on one hand and 1 on the other" as an excuse then that's a huge opportunity blown.

Since crossing over to the Pelicans after the All-Star break, the side has gone 2-6 (just 1-6 with Boogie in the lineup), and this after previously playing for the beyond-shitful Kings, so you can probably forgive him a little for being a bit frustrated.

Still, old mate does like to swing the limbs around in weird ways on-court, and that doesn't garner you much sympathy from a basketball faithful.

What whacky adventures will DeMarcus Cousins get up to next!

Source: DimeMag.
Photo: Jonathan Bachman/Getty.