If you thought there was no alternate universe creepier than the Upside Down, think again: Panic! At The Disco just dropped its latest music vid and it fts. Noah Schnapp - aka Will Byers in 'Stranger Things' - being terrorised by some srsly Satanic shit.

In the clip for single 'LA Devotee', Noah is strapped to a chair - mouthing the lyrics like his life depends on it - while pentagrams, bloody skulls, goat heads, evil eyes, witchy women with a hair fetish and Panic! frontman Brendon Urie surround him.


It wasn't torture to film, though, with Noah posting on his Instagram that he "had a great time".   

Fact: once you've faced the Demogorgon and won, anything else is child's play.

Check out the music vid:

Panic! At the Disco's latest album, Death of a Bachelor, is out now.

Photo: Panic At The Disco.