For a show that features approximately 900 main characters spread over an insanity-inducing amount of storylines all concurrently taking place across multiple continents, 'Game of Thrones' still somehow finds away to insert (lol) a bukakke-load of sex.

Admittedly 'GoT' has toned down the raunch in the past few seasons, in light of more screen-time for dragons and zombies no doubt, but still, the citizens of Westeros and Essos sure do get dick-downed a whole lot, hey? 

Well thanks to a joyfully explicit new interview over at Refinery29, we now have some juicy insight into exactly how some of this delicious filth got made, with the HBO show's makeup artist and jizz-master Melisa Lackersteen revealing all.

Whilst we recommend a full hedonistic read of the chat, there are loads (lol) of highlights we simply must bring to your attention, including that fact that any fake snot you see on the show is in fact good ol' KY Jelly lube shoved up a nostril as well as an absolute pearler of an anecdote around fake-spooge.

"Get some more lube up that shnoz, STAT!"

"I've got a bit of a story about semen," Lackersteen whimsically begins (which, girl, same), before regaling us with this tale from a brothel scene way back in Season 1 when she was suddenly tasked with crafting some Hollywood jizz:

"I literally ran back to the makeup truck and found the most smelly cleanser for something white and KY Jelly — good ol' KY Jelly. I mixed it and put it [the actor's] own hand because I didn't want to actually put it on him because it had to go on his pubes and his belly area. The only I found was that it kept going too clear. So, it wasn't that obvious what it was meant to be. At least, it looked wet."

If I had a dollar for every semen-related story that ended in "at least, it looked wet"...

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Source: Refinery29.
Picture: Game of Thrones / HBO.