We met a bunch of choice individuals on the season premiere of 'The Bachelorette' last night, but none more - um, how to put this - special than Carlos.

Carlos is a 29-year-old self-professed "business mogul" who, when he's not burning the midnight oil running nightclubs, restaurants etc, can be found smushing his junk up against paying Bachelorettes' faces as a stripper.

"Some guys like to collect hats, other guys like to collect cars – my thing is businesses," he told yr gal Georgia. "Nightclubs, restaurants, limos. I started as a stripper about eight years ago."

He went on: "I would love to impress you with a bit of stripping one day but  if I wanted to just wow you with my body, then to be honest, I wouldn't travel all the way out here."

She was as impressed by Carlos' self-respect as you'd expect.

*screams internally*

Because he wasn't going to wow her with his oil-shined bod, Carlos had to deliver a lasting impression another way, and decided to do so by gifting her with a really quite fugly Tiffany & Co 'Heart Tag Charm Bracelet' (geddit, hearts, Georgia LOVE). 

It was an OTT gift for someone he'd only met two minutes previously, but he made Georgia feel comfortable with its $500 price tag by talking about how many dollar bills he peels out of his ass crack on a weekend-ly basis.

Anyway, to cut a short story even shorter, Carlos got the boot during the first rose ceremony and the fun was over far too soon.

So what became of the pricey bracelet? Georgia, sweet thing, sent it back to him.

Carlos appeared on Studio 10 this morning and confirmed she'd felt too bad to hold onto it.

"Well, Georgia is really sweet. She actually sent the bracelet back to me in the post."

Georgia elaborated on natural selection her decision to SMH, explaining that she also penned Carlos a lovely note of thanks to soften the blow.

"It's such a beautiful bracelet, and it was such a thoughtful gift to give. But the fact he did go home on the first night, I felt uncomfortable holding on to that – knowing how much it's worth, and that it's such a big gesture. So I actually sent it back to him, with a note to say how much I loved and appreciated it. Given the circumstances, I didn't want to look as if I'd taken a gift, then sent him out the door. That's not the kind of person I am."

Bye Carlos, we hardly knew ye.

Source: SMH.
Photo: Channel 10.