Hooooooooooo boy.

You may have been tagged by a mate in the viral Facebook video below. It's a snippet from America's hit show, 'Love At First Kiss'. It features 27-year-old Josh, who bravely chose to experience his first ever kiss on television, and by extension, the entire internet.

Talking us through his feelings before the experience, Josh says the only females he's ever kissed are his "mom and grandma," but he has "been practicing and trying to watch videos of people kissing."

"I wanted to have my first kiss on TV so that I could share a special moment in my life with all of my family, friends, and the entire world. I thought it would be a good experience to be vulnerable and open myself to try something new."

Josh is matched up with Monique, a sassy single woman who hopes the show will bring her "the magic she's been looking for."

They meet in the impossibly white space; the silence is palpable.

After staring at each other at point blank for what feels like an eternity, Josh plucks up the courage and asks, "Umm, can I kiss you?"

Monique's casual "Sure," most certainly gives him a raging erection on the spot, and, obviously too concerned that he will blow a load upon touching her lips with his, he deflects to her cheek.

u can almost pinpoint the moment his penis explodes

It's quality viewing, and has already racked up close to 10 million plays. 

But wait, there's more.

Last night we were gifted the second instalment of Josh's quest to learn how to kiss a girl, and it did not disappoint. This time, he meets with the gorgeous, giggly Annalisa.

Naturally, it's teeth-grindingly awkward from the get go. 

ANNALISA: "Do you mind if I give you a kiss?"
JOSH: "Yes."
ANNALISA: "You mind?!"
JOSH: "No, no! I don't mind."

why am i like this

After the dalliance, the Annalisa is confused. "I wanted to feel like he wanted me," she confesses. "Not that he was terrified of me."

Josh wasn't too pleased with himself, either. "I was hoping it would go a lot better. I feel disappointed at myself and wish I would have done things a lot differently."

Thank the heavens - Josh is gifted a third and final chance to nail the kiss. Enter Roxanne.

Josh is clearly gaining confidence by this stage. Roxanne's in the space for about 5 seconds before he boldly requests a kiss. She complies. It happens. It's magnificent.

(internal dialogue) yeah booooooooooooooooooooy

Our boy did it! He did it!

"That was nice," says Roxanne. God fucken bless.

Y'all in the comments weren't so complimentary.

When quizzed on what advice he would give to anyone preparing for their first kiss, he had some sage advice.

"Do your research! Be prepared but don't overthink things like I did. Be willing to be able to go with the flow. Let the situation be fluid and be passionate. Also, close your eyes and open your mouth! I hear that helps. Things might not happen the way you want, but be open to change."

Source: TLC.
Photo: TLC.